You may know Haylie Duff as an actress/singer/songwriter…but she is most at home in the kitchen.

“I started cooking for my friends and family and realized people loved my recipes! So, I decided to share them and started The Real Girl’s Kitchen blog.”

Pretty soon her friends weren’t the only ones enjoying Haylie’s recipes and she was getting letters from around the world, praising her dishes.

“I wasn’t always great in the kitchen…I made a lot of mistakes! But I wasn’t giving up.”

The Real Girl’s Kitchen has taken on a life of it’s own. Haylie spent some time compiling her favorite recipes and poured her heart in to her first cookbook. Shortly after the release of her book, The Real Girl’s Kitchen TV show came to Cooking Channel. It quickly became a fan favorite, and the popular series is entering it’s third season!

Haylie lives in sunny California with her three dogs, Fiance and little girl, Ryan. She loves a farmer’s market, a girl’s night in and a good margarita.