Chicken & Peach Lavash Wrap

Hi RGK friends, sorry I have been so MIA over the past few weeks. I have been filming two new movies… ‘A Love/Like Ours’ and ‘Christmas Eve’…so I haven’t had any time to cook. Now that those are wrapped, I’m more inspired than ever to get back in to the kitchen! Here is a simple wrap lunch idea that is so yummy and easy to prepare!

Lavash wrap bread

grilled chicken breast



Mixed greens & herbs (I added mint and dill to my mixed greens)

Fat free cream cheese

Sea salt and pepper or any seasoned salt

-Grill chicken breast over med heat till done. Make sure to check that it is cooked thoroughly. Spread cream cheese and seasoned salt across Lavash bread, layer mixed greens, peaches, avocado and chicken. Roll it up and snack away!

love, HD

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  • Astraver

    Can you make more desserts? i would love that!

  • Amanda

    How do you roll it so perfectly?

    • Haylie

      Amanda, The cream cheese will help the bread stay together. Gotta just get in there and go for it. Use both hands…i have faith in ya. xx Haylie

  • Natasha Pereira

    I love wraps with avocado!! Sometimes I mash it up and actually use it as a spread in place of mayo, cream cheese butter etc. But NEVER thought of adding fruit!! I must try this soon :) I bet it would also be amazing with Mango if you don’t have peaches. (Which thinking of it now I do have but no peaches!) Can’t wait to try this thanks for the idea Haylie!!

  • Jess

    Oh those look DELISH!! I will have to try these! And I’m so happy to hear you’ll be in two movies!! I can’t wait to see them!

  • Diane Sz

    Going to try this for sure! I think this looks delicious!

  • Titra

    Hello, I made this tonight :) and I have to say the idea with the chicken & peaches was awesome. But I bought the mint & dill herbs and did not like the mint on it, maybe I added too much. But next time i decide to make this, I will use something else. Other than that, thanks for this recipe! I look forward to new ideas.

  • lisa G.

    This looks soo good! I love peaches with chicken!