Lemon and Breadcrumb Kale Salad

This past sunday, I spent Mother’s Day with my family celebrating the two moms in my life! My mom AND my sister! It was her first Mother’s Day as a mommy and we had a great time, lounging around and making lunch together. My contribution for our Mother’s Day lunch was a kale salad with a special twist…toasty homemade breadcrumbs. Yuum.

Crusty french bread


Olive Oil


Cherry Tomato


Champagne Vinegar

Sea Salt

A food processor or blender

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Toast bread till browned. Pulse in food processor till bread becomes breadcrumbs. Switch oven to broil, lay breadcrumbs across the pan, drizzle with olive oil and shower with salt. Place under broiler till all breadcrumbs are evenly toasted. Let cool. In mixing bowl, massage kale with 2 tbsp of olive oil. Splash a tbp of vinegar and the juice of one lemon. Toss in avocado, cherry tomatoes and breadcrumbs.

love love love. x Haylie

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  • Katiepearce27

    looks so yummy, will deffinately try this one. x

  • Brieana-Leigh

    We finally got kale in our grocery store, so I bought some! Definitely going to try this!!

  • Cady

    I have tried so many of your recipes and they’ve inspired me to make my own cooking blog! I’ve featured some of your recipes on there too :)


  • http://twitter.com/01Lerkas Lera Chernicyna


  • Monica

    I will have to try making that sometime! This Mother’s Day was my sister’s first as a mommy as well! She’s due in September :) We had a nice family picnic by the beach.