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From: Amelia <>
CIty/State: uk

Hi, Haylie, I adore your blog! I was just wondering if you know any tips to stop eyes watering when chopping onions? x


Funny you should ask because you just opened the door to one of my favorite conversations! The onion goggles. If you haven’t seen them you must check them out. So funny.

Question is, would you wear these??

Love, Hayls

Onion Goggles

  • lindsybe

    I have a friend that does a lot of cooking for large groups of people, she uses regular old swimming goggles. Ugly? Yep. Effective? OH YES!

  • Shoshana P.

    If you refridgerate the onion and turn on a light stream of cold water at the sink, it helps with the tears!

  • Phuongie

    I found wearing contacts really help

  • Guest

    I always light a candle right beside my cutting board it works amazing! I dont cry anymore!

  • Iwrite4freenot

    If you are a contact lense wearer, you will not tear up when you cut onions! It’s a fact I learned when I took a week long cooking course at ICE in NYC.

  • Rach

    If you breathe through your mouth your eyes won’t water. I am a chef and I always use that trick and my eyes never water! Not sure if it’s the same fore everyone though =D. But those Onion Glasses are classic! I would totally wear them!

  • Guest

    It’s simple! you just get a bowl or sink and fill it with water, and cut it under water… it does take abit of skill to chop an onion underwater, though.

  • iris

    what i do is cut the onion in half and wash it under warm water while squeezing a bit and it works 4 me just great!!!!

  • Monetta Smith

    Hi Haylie and Amelia,
    Using a cold onion, running cold water or putting the knife in the freezer really helps

  • Iris Parffinovich

    Hi!!! When I watched the movie “The Help” they mentioned biting down on an unlit match….tried it, and yup…it sure did work. Now I always put a match between my teeth when I cut an onion:-)

  • germangirl

    Light a candle while cutting onions! It doesn’t matter which kind. My boyfriend told me this the other day. I don’t know how or why but man it works!

  • House of Helton

    Put them in the freezer for a few minutes, and slice the end that doesn’t have the root. :)

  • Museum Girl

    chewing a minty gum helps while cutting onions. I do that when I am cutting them and it works wonders and freshens your breath at the same time. :)