Lemon Tilapia, Asparagus,Thyme En Papillote

You may have heard of cooking en papillote, if you haven’t it’s ok!  En papillote just means in parchment. It’s a method of cooking that actually steams your food by building a little resting place and then wrapping it up tight. If you don’t have parchment paper, aluminum foil works great. (In my opinion foil is actually easier) It requires some extra work but once it’s in the oven, your work is done! Here, we are going to make one of my favorite flavor combinations. Tilapia and asparagus… bathed in salt, lemon, white wine and thyme. Nothing better! Feel free to take the opportunity to place a little love or even a message on your parchment paper…

What you need:


1 lemon

Fresh asparagus

A splash of white wine

Sprigs of thyme

Olive Oil

Sea salt & pepper


How to:

Pre-heat your oven to 375 degrees. Lay your fish out flat, season them with salt and pepper , cut parchment squares big enough to wrap your fish completely.

On your parchment or foil, layer asparagus, tilapia, lemon, drizzle with olive oil and a splash of white wine. Add an extra pinch of salt. Wrap it up tight, there is a real “en papillote” way to do it, but I simple folded mine over and tucked it under the fish.

Place packets in a glass baking dish, bake for 10-13 minutes…


Remove from oven, serve on a bed of linguine…

(I tossed the linguine in a tablespoon of roasted garlic butter, parmesan, and crushed red pepper)


This really is a gorgeous meal!


xo HD

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  • http://twitter.com/DupontStef08 Dupont Stephanie

    mmmmmmmm, it’s really good ^^ the fish is good for the brain hihi

  • Jodene

    That looks divine!

  • Foodie

    Wow I really cannot wait to make this! Thanks for the great recipes!

  • StephM

    Just made this and it came out AMAZING! Thanks for the great recipe :-)

  • Jaimew11

    Thanks for the recipe, I can’t wait to try this tonight!

  • Steph.DLT

    I am making this tonight for my honey, our son and my little one in my belly! :) Can’t wait!