Dijon Brussels Sprouts.

From the time we were kids, most of us have probably heard “eat your brussel sprouts!”…well, now you will actually want to.

The reasons we should eat them are endless. They are high in fiber, lowers cholesterol and inflammation, and they are high in antioxidants.

The reason you will want to eat them is because…they are gooood.

What you need:

Fresh brussels sprouts

Olive Oil

Sea Salt

Dijon mustard (grey poupon, 1-2 tablespoons or personal prefference, I like 2!)



How to:

Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees

Slice brussels in half…



Remove any loose leaves…



Arrange on a greased glass baking dish (sliced edge facing up), drizzle with olive oil, shower them with sea salt. Bake for 40-45 minutes or until nice and brown.

Remove from oven, add Dijon mustard, toss.

They are so deliscious. After making these I ate them the whole day. Hot or cold, they are fantastic!

So call your mom, and tell her you finally ate your brussel sprouts…

xo HD





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  • She11yb1ue

    Those look amalllzing!!!!

  • http://theactorsdiet.wordpress.com/ Lynn @ The Actor’s Diet

    i didn’t grow up eating b.s. (ha ha) but i heard so many bad things that i never requested them. how dumb of me. they are my favorite!

  • Bloom Everyday

    Wow, these looks fabulous. My hubby and I love brussel sprouts.


  • http://twitter.com/theladypastor E Carson

    Yum! I have a bunch of brussel sprouts in the fridge. I will try this tomorrow!

  • Lauren Yvonne M

    I just recently acquired the taste to Brussel Sprouts. I remember my mom trying to feed them to me as a child, but my mothers Brussel Sprouts has been the only thing she has disappointed me with. She’s a great gal, but man, she’s no good at Brussel Sprouts! :] My mother-in-law re-introduced me to them, the only thing she hasn’t disappointed me with (hehe just kidding). What I really mean by all of this, is I CAN NOT WAIT TO TRY OUT THIS RECIPE!!

  • Lindsay M.

    I’m cooking these right now…can’t wait for them to be done :)

  • http://twitter.com/erinparker Erin Parker Skinner

    LOVE it! I’d never tried Brussels sprouts until last year, and I am HOOKED! And you’d better believe I’ll be whipping these up for my husband and myself sometime in the near future!

  • Scott Cooley

    I too had my first brussels sprouts a couple of years ago, when I was in culinary school. First since I was a child. We now do them once in a while sautéed with onions and bacon. Caramelize the sprouts and they are delicious. I want to try your recipe, though. The mustard is a real nice touch to go with the sweetness of the roasted brussels sprouts

  • Chelsea B

    These were INCREDIBLE!!!! Was expecting them to be delicious but these were even better than expected! So much flav0r – YUMM!!!

  • Katie

    I love brussel sprouts and these are just one more way to cook them up! Very tasty! Thanks for the recipe!