Cafe Gratitude

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Many of you have asked me if I’m a vegan or a veggie, and want to know what’s up with all the vegan recipes?? Most of the time they happen by accident. I will make something that sounds good to me and afterwards realize it’s dairy or meat-less. So while I am definatly not a vegan, I do embrace their ways often.

That’s where Cafe Gratitude comes in…do you like a tasty dinner AND a hug? If so, this is your place. The staff are loving and helpful, if you have had a bad day and need a little tenderness, get your ass to Cafe Gratitude.

Each of their menu items have names like “I am whole, I am grounded or I am pure.”  So while your putting your order in you are also sending a positive intention out.

Oh, and these people love a birthday celebration. If it’s your special day, the whole cafe sings along with Jason Mraz’s (he is an owner!) version of happy birthday. Pure heart, pure happiness and pure yumminess.

My favorite:

“I am transformed”

love, HD

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  • Lynn @ The Actor’s Diet

    i get scared when they ask me the question of the day. i usually say no, and then feel guilty.

    • Realgirlskitchen

      No way! Always answer!! :) Then you walk away guilt free…

  • Linsha

    have you tried Indian recipes ?

  • Paulinginfo

    Hi! How are you? I liked your recipes. I’ve got a terrible appitit. Let’s get acquainted!

  • Jennifer